Route 66 Black Cherry

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When you pop the cap off this bottle, you are greeted by a strong cherry scent, maybe with a slight hint of creaminess. Then you take your first sip and are complimented by a taste version of that cherry, which comes on quite bold to start. The flavor tapers off a bit as it works its way to the back of your throat, dissolving into something less appealing, more akin to a medicinal experience. The aftertaste, however, resolves with a clean and crisp ending, hinting at the creaminess in the overall flavor profile.

The bottle itself includes information about the Chain of Rocks Bridge between St. Louis and Illinois, in keeping with Route 66 Soda’s award-winning packaging, which pays tribute to historical landmarks along the 2,448 mile stretch of road from the Midwest to the West Coast that was Route 66. 

12 oz. bottles.

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